Show your pride.

Have you ever been out on Lake Winnipesaukee and passed a lakefront home you just couldn’t miss because of a flag or flags the owners were displaying? You may want to fly the American flag, the New Hampshire state flag, sports team flag, the flag of your family’s country of origin or other sources of pride.

Installing or replacing a flagpole on your lakefront property can be a great way to add to the beauty of your property. There are several aspects to deciding on where to place a flagpole, selecting the right pole and whether you may want more than one flagpole.

We will:

  1. Meet with you at your property to view the site and discuss your ideas for flying a flag.
  2. Choose the right flagpole: The first step in installing a flagpole is choosing the right flagpole. Consider the height of the flagpole, the type of flag you want to fly, and the style of the flagpole. Do you want or need more than one flagpole?
  3. Determine the location: Choose a location for the flagpole that is visible from the lake and from the road. Make sure that the location is level and has good drainage.
  4. Prepare the site: Clear the site of any grass, weeds, or rocks. Level the ground and prepare a concrete base for the flagpole.
  5. Install the flagpole: Once the site is prepared, we install the flagpole. We make sure that the flagpole is straight and secure in the concrete base.
  6. Raise the flag: Once the flagpole is installed, it's time to raise your flag. We’ll make sure that the flag is properly attached to the flagpole and that it is flying at half-mast or full-mast as appropriate.

Fly that flag for all to see.

We’ll help you install or replace a flagpole and flag on your lakefront property so you can show your patriotism, pride and add beauty to your property.