We have been installing and repairing residential and commercial breakwaters for decades.

We understand what the four seasons of Winnipesaukee can do to breakwaters and other parts of your waterfront property.


Building and repairing docks is our specialty – we've been doing it for over 50 years!

We’re known for the quality of our new docks and our dock repairs. That’s because of the materials we use, the tools and equipment we work with, and the experience of our team.


Boat lifts are the perfect solution for waterfront property owners who need a safe and secure way to store their boats in high traffic areas.

Boat lifts also protect against common issues on Winnipesaukee: Boat wakes, high winds, and other challenging conditions.


Do you have an old dock that's suffering from rotting pilings or spring ice damage?

We specialize in the installation, repair, and replacement of dock pilings. We understand the challenges that come with maintaining a waterfront structure, especially when it comes to dealing with the harsh effects Lake Winnipesaukee’s constantly changing weather, wind and boat traffic.


Ice formation can cause significant damage to docks, pilings, and other structures, leading to costly repairs and replacements. Ice clusters are built to take the brunt of flowing ice, break up ice and help keep huge ice forms from hitting docks and pilings caused by shifting and melting ice.

We also build and sell aqua therms (also known as ice eaters or bubblers) which are an excellent solution to help prevent ice buildup on your docks and pilings.


One of the biggest reasons you own a home in the Lakes Region is the long summer days of fun with family and friends.

Adding a raft floating just a few feet beyond your dock and waterfront gives everyone another spot to enjoy those lazy lake days.


Have you ever been out on Lake Winnipesaukee and passed a lakefront home you just couldn’t miss because of a flag or flags the owners were displaying?

Installing or replacing a flagpole on your lakefront property can be a great way to add to the beauty of your property.