Protecting Your Docks and Pilings from Ice Damage

New Hampshire winters can be a tough time for lakefront property owners, especially on Lake Winnipesaukee. High winds, shifting ice, melting and refreezing all create challenges unique to Winnipesaukee for waterfront properties.

Ice formation can cause significant damage to docks, pilings, and other structures, leading to costly repairs and replacements. Ice clusters are built to take the brunt of flowing ice, break up ice and help keep huge ice forms from hitting docks and pilings caused by shifting and melting ice.

We also build and sell aqua therms (also known as ice eaters or bubblers) which are an excellent solution to help prevent ice buildup on your docks and pilings.

Spring is a particularly important time to have ice clusters in place, as melting ice (plus the winds that help break up Winnipesaukee’s ice) can cause shifting and additional pressures on docks and pilings. With ice clusters, you can be confident that your docks and pilings will be protected from the damaging effects of melting ice.

Why Choose Us for Your Ice Clusters?

We focus our efforts on Lake Winnipesaukee – and that gives us a level of experience and understanding of the challenges that are special to the big lake.

Whether you're considering installing ice clusters for the first time or need to replace existing ones, contact us to meet at your site and learn how we can help.