Add a raft. Add fun.

One of the biggest reasons you own a lakefront home in the Lakes Region is the long summer days of fun with family and friends. Adding a raft floating just a few feet beyond your dock and waterfront gives everyone another spot to enjoy those lake days.

Rafts are also an excellent addition to camps and marinas or yacht clubs with private beaches.

We’re lake people too, so we know how much you’ll enjoy having a raft floating right off your property.

A raft is the perfect way to relax on the water.

We will work with you to determine the best solutions for your raft: How big a raft would you like? How far out from the property? Would you like to add seats or a bench? How about a slide? Which materials would you like to use?

If you already have a raft that’s fallen into disrepair, we can repair or replace your existing raft.